F-Gas Regulation Key Dates

9th April 2007
GB ODS Qualifications Regulations 2006 No1510 require anyone handling ODS refrigerants in stationary equipment to hold either City and Guilds 2078 or CITB equivalent.

4th July 2007
Under EU F gas Regulation No 842/2006 operators of stationary refrigerating equipment now have to: Prevent leakage - have leaks repaired as soon as possible by certified personnel and keep service and maintenance records detailing quantity and type of F gas used.

Carry out a regular fixed schedule of inspections for leaks for equipment with a circuit charge of 3kg or more following a standard leak checking and procedure laid down by the Commission (can be downloaded at http://www.berr.gov.uk/sectors/sustainability/fgases/page28889.html). This includes an obligation to check repairs made.

Where systems have a charge of over 300kg they must in addition install fixed leakage detection systems. Ensure the proper recovery of F Gases by certified personnel, to ensure their recycling, reclamation or destruction. Additionally it should be noted that the placing on the market of non refillable containers of F gases has now been banned. Containers already placed on the market at that date can still be sold.

15th February 2008
GB Regulations (SI 2008 No. 41) are now in force naming the interim qualifications for working with stationary refrigeration/air conditioning equipment containing 3kgs or more of F gases as City and Guilds 2078 and CITB equivalent .

1st April 2008
New Products and new field assembled systems containing HFC have to be appropriately labeled when they are first placed on the market. Instructions regarding the label format can be downloaded at: http://www.berr.gov.uk/sectors/sustainability/fgases/page28889.html.

Between now and July 2011
July 4th 2010 anyone handling refridgerant must have the new 'F-GAS' safe handling certificate. A ban on R134a for car air-conditioning systems (for new vehicles types from 2011).

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