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With new stringent laws coming into force regarding the use and handling of
certificates to handle refrigerant and the skill to understand the fundamentals of
air-conditioning, health & safety, servicing and diagnosing.

It is mandatory for anyone handling refrigerants to have a 'F-Gas' Safe Handling Certificate.

Only certified companies employing certified personnel can take delivery of refrigerants covered by the F-Gas Regulations.

City & Guilds and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board to provide evidence that candidates have competence to handle refrigerants have developed this scheme. It is suitable for a wide range of candidates, regardless of age or mode of training.

We at Naas ltd are a City & Guilds training centre and offer the following automotive courses:

7543-001 Level 3 Certificates in Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Refrigerant handling for Mobile Air Conditioning

A must for anyone handling refrigerants

7543-002 Level 3 Certificates in Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Testing and servicing Mobile Air Conditioning

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In today's competitive car manufacturing market, an increasing number of vehicles come fitted with air conditioning (A/C) as standard. Whilst the drivers are encouraged to have their A/C system checked regularly, to avoid expensive repair bills, the garages struggle to find skilled technicians.

This qualification aims to close that skills gap by offering units that are separately certified and thus can be taken individually. For the full qualification, the following three units are required:

• 001 - Refrigerant Handling for Mobile A/C Systems*
• 002 - Testing and Servicing Mobile A/C Systems

* This unit meets the criteria of the pending European legislation for handling fluorinated gases in mobile A/C Systems and can be taken on its own.